Beswick Community Collaboration

Community collaboration- donations being made.

This past week has been sorrowful for the Nyirrungulung Rise group and participants. A highly esteemed member of the Beswick area sadly passed away, and our towns closed for Sorry Business.

With our office and work shed in Katherine, our Nyirrungulung-RISE Katherine-based staff have been able to continue working on a cross community basis to support those in need.

men working in the community to plant herb garden

A prime example of this is Katherine Women’s Crisis Centre, who were very grateful to receive a delivery of women’s clothes that had originally been donated from the Nightcliff Uniting Church Op Shop.

Thank you to Jo Gamble, Executive Officer of Katherine Women’s Crisis Centre, and Ann Stevens plus her amazing team at the Nightcliff Uniting Church Op Shop – we appreciate your support. Together we can ensure those that need help receive it.

The team were able to donate not only clothes, but also some delicious mangos to the Women’s Crisis Centre which the fellas at Katherine Research Station had had recently harvested.

Men planting a herb garden

Another community project the Katherine staff and Jack from RISE Ventures Katherine worked on was creating a herb garden which will be a wonderful asset for our clients when they are cooking on site.

On that note, we would like to state that Nyirrungulung-RISE are so proud of all the team members and clients involved in this week’s noble endeavor to bring help to where it’s needed.