Jawoyn Rangers Train Beswick Team in Controlled Burning

The Nyirrunggulung-RISE Beswick team have been working alongside the Jawoyn Rangers to do controlled arial burning around their community.  

Some of the skills they’ve been learning include helicopter safety procedures, aerial burning, using a drip torch and backburning.  

The Jawoyn Rangers are employed by our partner, the Jawoyn Association. They have been caring for country, by incorporating traditional values and culture with the latest in scientific practice, since the late 1990s. 

The ranger program is a successful model to manage Jaowyn Country effectively, build employment and education opportunities, and protect cultural sites of significance. 

It was incredible for our Beswick guys to be involved in their training and taught by such a professional team of rangers. Local people passing on their skills and knowledge is invaluable for our communities.  

A big thank you to Samuel Bush Jnr for his hard work keeping the Beswick Team productive and gaining new skills! 

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