Building Progress on the Barunga Festival Stage

The Nyirrunggulung-RISE Barunga and Beswick teams have been working together to build the new stage for the upcoming Barunga Festival.  

Earlier in the week, the guys dismantled the old decking ready for this construction work. 

Their next task was measuring and cutting the decking timber so that it’s ready to be nailed to the frame.  

Many of these men have completed construction training courses with us. This has given them the skills and experience to construct a new stage by themselves. Our supervisors have been mentoring the teams and everyone has been helping each other.  

To keep locals and children safe over the weekend, they wrapped the stage in construction safety netting and tape. 

We’re doing this Barunga Festival job for the local Council and it’s great to be able to contribute to the community.  

Great work fullas! You’re all a valuable asset to Barunga and are demonstrating positive work to your families.  

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