The Barunga Team Start Preparations For The Barunga Festival Stage

The Barunga Nyirrunggulung-RISE team have been asked by the local council to prepare the stage for the upcoming Barunga Festival.  

This is a big job and our team need to have the stage completed for the first week of June.  

The old stage is in an unsafe condition so the first job for the fullas was dismantling the decking so it’s ready for construction.  

The next steps of the project are rebuilding the stage and making sure it’s safe and looking good for performers.

The guys in our team have been learning and achieving qualifications in construction and machinery. This enables them to take on important jobs like this in their community.  

We’re proud of their hard work and commitment to their development and community.  

Stay tuned for more updates as they construct the new stage… 

The Barunga Festival

The Barunga Festival is an iconic 3-day event that celebrates Indigenous music, culture and sport.

The festival proudly preserves ancient rites, customs and skills from local Aboriginal communities. It offers a platform for passing on knowledge and experience to the next generation and the non-Indigenous community.

This year is even more special for the Bagala Clan and Jawoyn people as it’s the 35 year anniversary of the Barunga Statement.

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