Mango Season 2022

Nyirrunggulung-RISE and Katherine Research Station as well as the Barunga and Manyallaluk teams got stuck into our annual mango picking.

On the first day the teams picked over 2000 kg’s of mangoes, all of which has been distributed to Barunga, Manyallaluk and Binjari communities.

The teams worked well and quickly picking, washing, and bagging all the mangoes ready to be distributed to the local communities.

It is great seeing all the smiles on the peoples faces as they receive the bags of mangoes. It makes all the hot work in the field worth it.

The team working hard picking mangoes.

Nyirrunggulung-RISE support the area of Katherine, the teams are happy to share fruit with the Casuarina Street Preschool. The kids were so excited to have the mangoes to eat at school, and take a few home to share with their family.

We are proud of this project and the way our teams include others.

Thanks very much to the great staff and management at the Katherine Research Station for giving us the opportunity to share this wonderful resource to the community.  Our teams will be heading back as soon as possible to get more mangoes before they go to waste.

Last pick of the mangoes 15th December 2022

Nyirrunggulung-RISE took the opportunity to do the last mango pick for the year at Katherine Research Station. All staff worked together and we also had help from Barunga and Manyallaluk teams, everyone soon filled the trailer with mangoes.

The teams then delivered all the mangoes to the Community Schools at Beswick, Barunga and Barunga Crèche everyone was happy to have fresh mangoes this time of year.

It was great to see the staff and the kids so grateful for our teams good gesture.