Big Thank You to Barunga and Beswick Teams

Peter Beesley with the Barunga and Beswick teams

Nyirrunggulung-RISE thanked the teams from Barunga and Beswick with a meat tray, both teams were surprised and happy to receive such a wonderful gift and we were thankful to all the fellas for their hard work at the Barunga School Concrete Project.

Peter Beesley giving the teams the meat trays

The project had great results and the improvement to the schools entry gates was a vast improvement for both accessibility and safety for all community members.

Peter Beesley surprising the fellas with a meat tray for all their hard work.

Participating in projects like these gives our job seekers opportunity to learn valuable employment skills that can lead towards real jobs.

Training is a big part of what we do and both job seekers and communities gain from whatever the courses involve, and the Barunga School is a prime example of this.

We would like to thank all involved in this project. You have worked hard and given back to your community.