Beswick Op Shop

Getting all the items for the Beswick Op Shop. Picture: Ann from Nightcliff Uniting Church , Peter Beesley and Tracy Beesley from Nyirrunggulung-RISE

We consulted with the Jobseekers and a Traditional Owner from Beswick community to get an idea of what they are missing in community. The response by so many was there was nowhere to purchase any linen, bedding, children’s clothing, etc.

So an Op shop was suggested which everyone thought would be fantastic.

Thanks to Peter Beesley, and his contact Ann from Nightcliff Uniting Church who donated all of the clothing and household items to Nyirrunggulung-RISE. We loaded both a troop carrier vehicle ( troopy) and the back of another vehicle to the brim.

Staff members, Peter, Tracy, Brogan, Jess, Beryl, and Kevin then loaded up the troopy and a camper trailer that Jawoyn Association has been kind enough to lend us with clothes, bedding, linen, bric a brac etc, and headed out to Beswick.

We planned to run this for two days Wednesday and Thursday. Unfortunately due to the Biosecurity lockdown we only managed Wednesday.

Once we were out in Beswick, Our local staff members Ann Marie and Patricia and a huge number of our participants get the Op Shop set up. By 9am we were open for business with linen and bedding being the first things to sell out.

Throughout the day we had everyone from Beswick come down and have a look and made purchases. Esther, our local Traditional Owner said what a wonderful opportunity to have in the community and that the locals would all benefit from it, which they all did.

1pm at the Op Shop was pack-up time. Again we all pitched in and got everything that was left packed in. We went away lighter than when we arrived selling out of all the linen, bedding, children’s clothing, and men’s clothing especially.

The community was very happy with the Beswick Op Shop and the
Nyirrunggulung-RISE team are keen to open again

We are hoping to roll this out in to all 5 communities in Region 33 once restrictions and exemptions are lifted. Thanks to all that helped on day.