Care Flight First Aid Training

Nyirrunggulung RISE has just been involved in two great training days at the Beswick and Barunga communities.

The Care Flight MediSim Trauma Training Crew

The teams from Beswick, Barunga, and the Manyallaluk work team also joined us at Barunga for this training.  This training is so important as our teams often work and travel in remote areas.

The Care Flight crew are fantastic at teaching first-on-scene first aid skills that could save a life. During the six-hour training we had the wonderful opportunity to learn the following skills:

• Controlling Bleeding packing deep wounds Tonique fitting

• Making an accident scene safe as possible traffic control other people on scene signalling chopper when in site

• Building a shelter to protect a patient from the elements and further harm

• Teamwork and organising the getting help process

• Dressing wounds and Breaks

• Staying calm and consoling the injured person collecting vital information to pass onto Professionals when they arrive on the scene

• Safe removal of crash helmets

• Making do with what you have on the scene e.g. Shirts for bandages/rags for packing wounds bush trees and sticks for shelters

• Looking after yourself after a major incident

• Clearing airways strapping a broken Pelvis

We were very pleased to have attended this great course from Care Flight.  The skills the staff and community learnt are something we all hope we never have to use but if we must, we have the training to help save a life.

Nyirrunggulung Rise plan to run refresher days at our sites to help everyone keep their first aid skills up to date.  We will also be upgrading all first aid kits, so all our teams have the right tools to give a hand to someone in a bad situation.

Thanks to all our great job seekers and staff for joining us and Care Flight MediSim Trauma Training crew for helping us help save lives and improving outcomes in communities.