Building a Shade Shed for the Beswick Aged Care Centre

Building the Beswick Aged Care shade shed was a project of epic proportions!  

Starting in January, with completion in July, this build required four Nyirrunggulung-RISE teams, community partnerships, new skills development and certifications, and plenty of determination.  

It was a demonstration of teamwork its finest! Alongside the Beswick men’s team, both our Barunga and Binjari teams contributed, all supported by the Nyirrunggulung-RISE Community Projects team.  

Contributing to the Beswick community and gaining new skills along the way – that’s two big ticks from us!  

Read our step-by-step journey taking an empty patch of land and turning it into a beautiful space for community Elders.  

Breaking Ground with Roper Gulf Regional Council 

We kicked off our planning in January with a site visit with our partner, the Roper Gulf Regional Council. They run the Aged Care Centre and were keen for us to help create a space so their residents could enjoy the outdoors.  

Unfortunately, we had a lot of rain at the start of the year but the guys made the most of the Katherine Work Shed and got to work constructing the shade shelter, ready to transport to Beswick.    

The ground dried up and we broke ground in May, using the Council’s machine to bore the footing holes. 

Working together with the Council and having access to their equipment means these projects are easier and allow our guys to learn new machinery at the same time.  

New Tree Trimming Skills Come in Handy  

Our next step was a tree trimming course.  

As well as learning new skills like how to operate a pole saw, the crew made the whole outdoor area at the Aged Care Facility safe for the elderly residents and visitors.  

They removed hazardous branches that were overhanging buildings and seating areas, and got rid of dead trees that were in danger of falling.  

When they weren’t working the machinery, they were clearing the site of all rubbish and loading the trailer with their cuttings.  

It was awesome to see the guys enthusiastic about learning new things and proud to be helping their community!

Laying Strong Foundations 

That same week, our Beswick, Binjari and Barunga teams worked alongside the Batchelor Institute Trainers to complete the next step in the project.  

They prepared the 6 footing areas and got the concrete poured for them, ready to erect the shelter.  

It was awesome to combine the Batchelor Institute’s Fencing and Concrete Course with such a valuable community project! 

Following that, the Beswick team were back to tidy up the worksite and make sure it was safe if anyone visited over the weekend.  

Kylie from Barunga School brought some students over to show them what the men had been working on.  

Patric Bush spoke to the students in local language, explaining what had already been achieved and what the end result will mean to the elderly residents.  

The young men showed interest and asked questions which our team answered with confidence. We’re so proud of their leadership! 

The Shade Shed is Complete!

The next step was transporting the structure from our Katherine Work Shed to Beswick and securing it to the footing foundations.  

We were lucky to have the Beswick Store lend us their forklift for the job! 

Once the structure was up, the teams put the roof on and poured concrete for the area underneath it.  

To make it a lovely spot for the aged care residents to sit and enjoy, they also built a picnic table and planter boxes.  

These will be home to beautiful flowers and fresh herbs soon.  

Bringing Joy To Local Elders 

This project a testament to the team work, skills and dedication of our Beswick, Barunga and Binjari teams.  

Everyone was so happy to see the faces of the Aged Care residents when we welcomed them to their new area. 

We can’t thank you all enough for contributing something so special to the Beswick community. We’re lucky to have you all as part of the Nyirrunggulung-RISE team!  

Thanks also go to Roper Gulf Regional Council, the Beswick Store, Roy Boys Concreting and the Batchelor Institute for your guidance and resources throughout the project.