A fresh cut and colour for Beswick 

A hairdressing salon is not a common sight in many remote communities.  

Locals might cut their hair themselves, or if they’re close to a bigger town, wait until their next trip in.  

So when the Nyirrunggulung-RISE Beswick team had the idea to run a hairdressing day, we thought a few ladies would come in for a pamper. However, they have been happily overwhelmed by the interest! 

In May, we welcomed 8 ladies into our makeshift salon where we set up a hairdressing production line!  

They had their hair washed, brushed and dried, then General Manager Tracy gave them a trim.  

Once their hair was fresh and cut, they dyed each other’s hair with reds and blondes – you can see how creative they got with their styles!  

We also had a straightener and curler on hand for the final flair.  

Even team member Earl joined for a clip and fun colour! 

The word must have got out and at our June hairdressing day, we had over 30 women and men of all ages stop by for a cut, colour and streaks.   

We were lucky enough to have our new team leader Amy join with her daughter Montana who is a qualified hairdresser.  

A huge thank you to Montana for donating her time and expertise to give these Beswick locals a pamper and makeover.

Check out these fabulous before and after shots!

Our General Manager Tracy Beesley is thrilled to see everyone having fun and trying out a new look. 

She shared that it’s not just about hairdos. We’ve also had clients come in and engage with us who we haven’t seen for 12-months or more.  

Nyirrunggulung-RISE is here for the community and this is just one way to welcome them into our space and support them with their wellbeing and goals.  

Our team can also see the potential for Beswick and will look into hairdressing and barber training, and support a sole trader or small business to open their doors once qualified!