Kukimbat Gudwan Daga – Cooking Good Food – is Back!

Our ‘My Kitchen Rules’ style cooking project Kukimbat Gudwan Daga (Cooking Good Food) is back in Barunga for 2024!  

Last year, the ladies had a blast and learnt everything from making mayonnaise to deboning a whole chicken to cooking a feast of salads, soup, fried rice and tuna mornay.  

Our excellent trainer Keiran from Group Training Northern Territory returned at the start of this month and expanded the ladies cooking repertoire even further.  

Before they got started, they sat down to talk about the types of food they wanted to cook and created their own menu.  

And what an adventurous menu it was! We went around the world, cooking cuisines from Japan to Mexico! 

The ladies made:  

  • Chicken in herby, white wine sauce 
  • Prawn cocktails 
  • Sushi 
  • Spring rolls 
  • Italian garden salad 
  • Fajitas 

We are so impressed with their skills and thankful for the kind and knowledgeable guidance that Keiran provides.  

He’ll be back in April for another three sessions with the ladies and in the meantime, they can share their delicious new talents with their families.