Beswick and Barunga Teams Take Part in Forklift Training 

The fellas from Beswick and Barunga have been busy taking part in a High-Risk License/Forklift training course at the RISE Ventures Katherine Training Centre.  The course is being run by Nyirrunggulung-RISE and taught by Alvin from the Bachelor Institute. It’s been great fun so far and the training is helping the guys to build their confidence in forklift operations.  

Forklift training in a classroom.

Designed to meet OSHA forklift training requirements, this course makes sure that the students are well-versed in safety regulations and procedures.  The day started off learning about different types of forklifts and the proper techniques for using them to safely lift and stack loads.  

It doesn’t stop there though! Alvin provided the teams with hands on training with real forklifts at the training centre. Whilst there the guys learnt how to do maintenance checks, and proper shutdowns.  

One man on a forklift whilst the other sets out traffic cones

However, there is much more to learn, so the training continues! By completing this course, the fellas from both the Beswick and Barunga Teams will be equipped with skills that are in high demand in the job market.  

Well done to everyone who got involved, keep up the good work and thank you to Alvin for your training and support.  

Men watch a forklift demonstration