Binjari crew enjoy the fruits (and vegetables) of their labour at Katherine Research Station 

Binjari Crew with their harvested vegetables.

What a harvest!   

Over the past two weeks, our Binjari and Katherine teams have been reaping their well-deserved reward of fruit and vegetables from their Katherine Research Station vegetable plot.  

Harvesting vegetables

These guys have been nurturing their crops and have so far harvested root vegetables and tomatoes.  

We’ll be picking beans, chilies, sweet potatoes and Chinese cabbage very soon! 

image of the vegetables from Katherine Research station.

The next step in our Healthy Food Project is learning new ways to cook these vegetables and incorporate them into delicious, nutritious meals. We’ll be off to the kitchen with Sarah Grogan and can’t wait to see (and taste) the results.  

The men have also taken home any extra produce to their communities for their families and friends to enjoy.  

Image of tomatoes

Big thanks to our partner, the Katherine Research Station for giving us the space for the plot and guiding the guys in horticulture. Your time, expertise and commitment to helping our men is appreciated more than words can say!