Manyallaluk and Beswick Teams Complete Chemical Spray Training Course

Chemical Spray Training Course

The Nyirrunggulung-RISE teams from Manyallauk and Beswick joined forces to participate in a Level 2 Chemical Spray training.  

Matt Clarke from New Territory Training came out to Manyallaluk to run an excellent Chemical Spray Training for us. 

The participants learned how to prepare chemicals and spray them safely and effectively. The training included proper spray techniques and being conscious of their safety as well as of the environment they are spraying in.  

This qualification is going to be a great asset for the fullas as they work hard to keep their communities tidy. Managing the large number of weeds can be their biggest challenge at certain times of the year.  

It also means they can take on more jobs for their local councils. For example, in Manyallauk, they have been working on tidying the grounds of the health clinic. However, they have been unable to tackle some of the most overgrown areas. With this training, they’ll now be able to use chemical spraying to prepare the area for clearing.  

Well done to both the Beswick and Manyallaluk teams, and thank you to Matt.

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