Growing Ginger and Vegetables for Remote Communities at the Katherine Research Station

The men’s groups from our communities have been regularly working in the shade shed at the Katherine Research Station under the guidance of staff.  

Since the beginning of the year, they’ve been learning how to grow plants from seed, ready to go into gardens and farms.  

The seedlings include capsicums, tomatoes and chilies which will then be shared with their communities.  

As well as the fullas learning about propagation and tending to plants, they will also be encouraging their communities to grow their own food in their home gardens.  

With the dry season coming up, the weather will be much better for growing. We’re looking forward to seeing these seedlings planted in communities and the produce enjoyed! 

Learning How To Grow Ginger

The Binjari team have recently been repotting ginger into bigger tubs to grow. It’s been really interesting seeing what ginger looks like growing and learning about why they’re growing it.  

The majority of ginger in Australia is growing in Queensland. The research centre in Darwin has grown ginger using a tissue culture technique. They have already shared their ginger plants with one farmer in the Northern Territory and want to expand this.  

The tissue grown ginger can take 12-18 to grow a bulb which then can be used by the farmers to grow more plants faster.  

Well done to all the guys working here! A big thanks to Sarah and Tegan from the Katherine Research Station for their ongoing support and mentoring.