Barunga and Manyallaluk teams busy in community

The Barunga and Manyallaluk teams have had a busy start to 2023.

A happy Barunga team working at at the school to get the grounds ready for the school term.

The Barunga team has been busy helping the community school and creche tidy up. The school is getting ready to welcome students back for term one. The team removed weeds and cut the long grass around the fences and gates. The Barunga team do all it can to help encourage kids to attend school, keeping the grounds tidy is only a small part but every little thing helps in some way.

Manyallaluk team and the Roper Gulf Council workers did an amazing job cutting all the long grass

The Manyallaluk team has been working alongside the Roper Gulf Council workers in the community to keep the long grass under control, especially after the recent rain, this is a big job.

Jayfat Miller one of our hard working job seekers on Nyirrunggulung RISE’s Tractor Slasher. Jayfat did a great job!

Due to the size of the job working as a team made good sense. The work was done in no time and all involved did a fantastic job.