Beswick Women’s Timber Training

The ladies from Beswick are having so much fun learning how to build items with timber.

Batchelor Institute ran a Certificate I in Construction for the Beswick Women as part of their activity. STEPs also assisted with their LLN program that we have running as well.

In the training the ladies learned how to use hand held power tools, obtained their WHS White Card and measured and build themselves a bedside table.

The ladies from Beswick who participated in the training

All participants in the timber training made a bed side table that was first class.

One created bed side table getting sanded

The ladies are already asking to do more of this type of work in the new year and have some exciting ideas, we can’t wait until the next project with Mick Lemon our trainer from Batchelor Institute.

Painting the finished bed side tables

Mick was pleased with the results and happy to give advice on future builds.

All painted and completed, hand made bed side table.