Op Shop at Beswick helps community

The Op Shop at Beswick was stocked with a fantastic selection of items. The shop had a really good turn out and many people thanked the Nyirrunggulung-RISE team for putting this popular activity together.

Our Op Shop at Beswick

All the community enjoys and looks forward to the Op Shop, and women especially will spend hours going through the clothes and household items, to see if there is anything that they need.

Taylor loves babysitting to give the Mum’s a chance to have a good look through the items

The Op Shop is not only an opportunity to purchase much-needed items, but it also gives the woman the chance to chat and connect with their families and friends.

We were lucky to have had the Jawoyn owned Beagle Motel donate bedding and towels to the Op Shop. These items were sort after, and the community snapped them up real quick.

Everyone checking out what the Op Shop has available

Nyirrunggulung-RISE is pleased to help the community with running the Op Shop and we look forward to running another Op Shop before Christmas.

Thanks to all that participated to make the Op Shop such a success and also to the Beagle Motel for your kind donations.