Women’s Construction Course at Beswick

The Batchelor Institute and Nyirrunggulung-RISE are proud to be a part of this training course Women’s Basic Construction.

Our Batchelor Institute trainer and the ladies
who participated in our construction course at Beswick.

This training gives women the opportunity to learn power tools and basic construction methods.

The ladies who completed the construction course at Beswick

The Nyirrunggulung-RISE activity sheds have all the required equipment to follow on with projects of the participant’s choice when training is over.

Learning the skills needed with help from our Batchelor Institute trainer

Learning how to use tools correctly and safely empowers people to do their own basic home maintenance; fixing leaking taps, adjusting cupboard doors, refitting window screens, and many more tasks.

Practicing power tool skills

Other benefits of learning new skills include reducing boredom, helping with self-confidence, giving the individual a sense of achievement, helping improve mental health, and great to do things yourself and with your mates.