White Card Training at Beswick

The Nyirrunggulung-RISE team is keeping busy until the end of 2022 with training. The course is for White Card Training in Beswick.  

Everyone at Beswick learning new skills at the White Card training

We aim to give the best opportunities and skills to help our job seekers into real jobs and having a white card will help to gain employment locally.

Participants learning at the Beswick White Card Course

The White Card training also included students from the local school who have finished their studies and are leaving to find work. The training will allow the young fellas to have the skills needed to be job ready.  

The training was conducted by the Batchelor Institute. Our trainer was helpful, and supportive, and made all community members feel welcome during the training.

Our instructor from the Batchelor Institute teaching the class

Thanks so much to the Batchelor Institute for another amazing training course.