Family Fun Day at Kalano Community

Thanks for the invitation from RISE Katherine to the Family Fun Day held at in the Kalano Community. Nyirrunggulung-RISE put the word out and our teams were keen to be a part of this fantastic day. We ran two buses for people with transport issues and Beswick and Barunga Teams Brought themselves in.

What a turn out so much information on hand from all the local services and heaps of Activities for the Kids they were having a great time RISE were dishing out Fresh Fruit Salad and Cream very popular with everyone our Men and Woman caught up with old Friends and Relatives at Kalano and enjoyed the NAIDOC Festivities.

Thanks RISE Katherine and everyone involved in the Fantastic Day its amazing to see just how many Services are working together in this Region all doing great work Nyirrunggulung RISE are proud to be included.