Certificate II in Backhoe and Loader Course

Nyirrunggulung-RISE commitment to training continues with Certificate II in Backhoe and Loader Course at Bulman /Wemol Sites.

We worked together with the Roper Gulf Regional Council and Mimal Land Management Rangers Brenton Dawes from Batchelor Institute was happy to go to work and begin the 3 Week Training.

Thanks to Roper Gulf Council and Mimal Rangers for the use of the machines, the guys did a fantastic job.

Cleaning up an old tip site near Wemol where the fellas put training into action with this practical project.

All involved did a great job, all participants made sure that they adhered to proper machine operations and safe working procedures, pre-checks, work site maintenance refueling and dust control.

Thanks to everyone involved, the skills learnt are in high demand and allow participants to be job ready.