Welding Training

Nyirrunggulung-RISE and RISE Katherine have teamed up and opened their fantastic workshop for all to use to run a 3 Week Welding Training Course.

Jobseekers from Region 31 & 33 enjoyed the course that was run by Brenton Dawes from Batchelor Institute.

The team learnt the following:

  • Metal Cutting/Plasma Cutting/Oxy Cutting
  • Measuring
  • Drilling/Grinding/Bending
  • Welding Preparation
  • Welding
  • Safety/WHS /Teamwork

Participants have gained so much by using this fantastic facility, this course is a great head start to work in the Fabrication Industry.

Thanks very much to Batchelor Institute and RISE Region 31 helping make this course a success.

Tony Booth our Activity supervisor from Binjari, showed off his skills and workmanship during the course. All the Participants from Region 31 and Region 33 did great work with the near completion of a portable BBQ Plate with folding legs ready to take anywhere.

The quality and workmanship put into this will last a very long time, with many a good cook up to go along with it.

Creating a portable BBQ Plate