Royal Flying Doctor’s Q & A about the COVID Vaccine

During our Beswick Care Flight Training Course, we were lucky to meet up with the Team from Royal Flying Doctor Service that was running their COVID Vaccination Programme.

The Royal Flying Doctor Service giving an informative Q and A session to the community of Beswick about the COVID Vaccine.

Peter Beesley invited the Flying Doctor team to come over and give a short information session about the vaccine.

Jacqui and her team were more than happy to join us, she explained to the community at Beswick how easy it was to get the Jab, and where locals could go and when.

Such a great opportunity to have Health Professionals give information and answer questions as well as clear up myths about the COVID Vaccine and how important it is to protect Family and Community Members.

This session went on for some time and we learned some facts. Afterwards, some Locals went and got the jab. The information session put people at ease and had all their questions answered.

It was great to have this support and assistance from the Royal Flying Doctors.