Planet Ark Tree Planting

On Tuesday 22nd of June 2021 Nyirrunggulung-Rise planted trees with the help of Planet Ark and the local community.

We received a 5k grant to undertake tree planting activities in Region 33. Thanks to Planet Ark for funding the Trees and help on the Day.

A local supplier, Territory Native Plants supplied the trees. Tim Moore from Territory Native Plants gave us great advice and helped us pick all our trees. Thanks so much Tim for all your help with this project.

So happy to be planting more trees

Many community partners were involved in this great event. Thanks to the all for helping us on the day:

  • Local School Students from Manyallaluk Community School
  • Ben Kleinig Teacher Principal Manyallaluk Community School and School Staff
  • Sarah Chaplin Planet Ark Coordinator and Staff
  • Paul Sullivan Roper Gulf Council Coordinator and Staff
  • Nyirrunggulung-RISE Supervisors and Job Seekers
  • Tracy Beesley Business Manager Nyirrunggulung-RISE
  • Members of the Community
  • RISE Staff Katherine Region
The Planet Ark Team and the wonderful kids from Local School Students from Manyallaluk Community School.
The Planet Ark Team and the Local School Students from Manyallaluk Community School, and local community members.

Planet Ark gave a talk on the importance of trees, and gave kids some shirts.

Paul from Roper Gulf Council for the ongoing use of Water Tanker our great hard working Job Seekers and Staff School Kids had a Great time helping out with the planting.

Everyone getting involved planting trees
We are getting a few trees planted – looking good!
The kids having fun near the water and learning more from the team from Planet Ark
Peter Beesley, Planet Ark Staff and Local School Students from Manyallaluk Community School

Everyone had such a great day, with feedback form all involved.

Thanks to everyone that participated on the day. A huge thank you to Planet Ark for your help and for the trees.

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