Tidying Up The Grounds

The team at Nyirrunggulung-Rise, Jawoyn Rangers and Banatjarl Strongbala Wimun Grup did an amazing job tidying up the grounds in preparation for the NT Women’s Healthy Country Forum which was held on the 24th of May.

Work included grass cutting around sheds and buildings, clearing areas to set up camps and clearing under disability access ramps to toilets and showers.

We had help from the Manyallaluk /Eva Valley and Beswick Nyirrunggulung RISE Work Crews.

The team met up at King Valley and did their best to get things done. All the Fellas did an amazing job!

The hard working team at Nyirrunggulung-Rise

Few trees over the wasn’t a problem for this team, everyone got stuck in and tidied up in record time.

Looks like hard work but not for the team at Nyirrunggulung-Rise
All done and tidy. Well done to all that helped.

These guys are awesome and work so hard.

Some of the team having a well deserved rest.

They really have a go and keep an eye out to make sure everyone is safe.
Thanks to everyone, Peter Beesley, Community Project Coordinator, Nyirrunggulung-Rise.