A Special Day Out On Country for our Men’s Team

We’ve welcomed new staff to the Nyirrunggulung-RISE Community Projects team in the past two months, including Phillip and Louis (Paul).

As non-locals, the Beswick and Barunga men’s teams were kind enough to take them out on country for a day, showing them culturally special places and enjoying bonding time together.

The fellas drove out on a very dusty road before reaching their destination – a stunning spot with waterways beneath cliffs and abundant wildlife.

We had no luck catching any fish but did hook a small freshwater croc! Phil was pretty chuffed to get into the action, handling it and removing the hook before we released it back into its home.

Lucky we weren’t relying on fish for lunch and after that, the guys enjoyed a BBQ and a yarn.

It’s a privilege to be welcomed and guided on Country and our team are honoured to have trusting relationships like this with our teams.