Certificate II in Construction participants build Barunga Bike Track

The Certificate II in Construction has gone as planned, and the fellas are putting their new skills into action in Barunga.

Nyirrunggulung-RISE team have been working hard with the participants from the Certificate II in Construction. The participates are helping build the Barunga Creche Bike Track, under the supervision of Batchelor Institute Instructor, Luke Barclay.

Teams from Beswick and Barunga are enjoying the training and the work they are doing constructing a Bike Path for the Children to enjoy during the days at the Creche.

Some of the skills being used include; Measuring – working out Quantities of Materials, Concrete mixing and pouring form work, team work and the importance of safe work procedures.

The Beswick and Barunga teams have been busy pouring the concrete for the Bike Track at Barunga Creche. Section by section is slowly taking shape. The fellas are doing an amazing job and bursting with pride to give the local creche this resource for the kids.

While the teams are busy with the bike path the kids have been busy looking out of the Creche windows waiting on the day they can do a few laps on the new bike track.

Beswick and Barunga work crews are on the final stage at of the Bike Track at the Barunga Creche. One more day to go pouring concrete and we can start to tidy up the kids play area and hand over the track to the staff at Barunga Creche.

The skills learnt during the Certificate II in Construction from Batchelor Institute were put to great use. Other training also add such value when the fellas are using machines with skills learnt such as WHS, Operating Safety, and Mechanical Pre-Checks.

The Work Teams have asked if we can go to the effort to plant a few shade trees and make some Street Signs to put around as a finishing touch. The input and care shown with this community project is amazing.

Nyirrunggulung-RISE are proud to have these fantastic groups of men to work beside it is a joy to share skills and learn from others. The teams were pleased to help kids enjoy their early education.

It is a great opportunity to have this bike track and community project, it will help boost attendance and make school days fun for all.

Thanks to all that helped on this project, we cannot wait for the opening day at the Barunga Bike Track.