The Barunga Team Improve Their Community’s Quality of Life 

People enjoy food at the Barunga store.

The Barunga team have been busy working with the Bagala Aboriginal Corporation on a community project that involved designing and building a dog proof fence around the front of the Barunga Store. 

This fence was needed as many cheeky dogs where walking and sleeping on the veranda. This was affecting hygiene which discouraged visitors from enjoying the food service or hanging out at the tables.  

Barunga fence

To fix this issue, the Barunga Team and Nyirrunggulung-RISE staff worked hard together to complete the fence around the veranda.  

As you can see from the photos, the fencing looks good as well as being functional as it allows for a better view of the stunning landscape surrounding Barunga. 

Fencing around the Barunga store.

Now, customers can sit on the veranda and enjoy their food in peace. The environment is safer and cleaner and already there has been a notable increase in customers visiting the store to enjoy its services. Local residents have praised the fellas for improving the quality of life in their community. 

Thank you to Deb, the store manager, as this was her initiative, and she brought this important project to the attention of the community.  

Well done team, thank you for your effort we are very proud of you all!