Nyirrunggulung-RISE hold a safety morning in honour of National Safe Work Month 

Safety Meeting

During national ‘Safe Work’ month, Nyirrunggulung-RISE hosted a ‘Safety Awareness’ lunch with over 20 staff and participants in attendance. 

The meeting covered topics such as: 

  • Warning signs when mowing 
  • Working in extreme heat 
  • Working when storms are approaching/lightning 
  • Drinking water responsibility 
  • Reducing or eliminating risk of injury by using machines and minimizing risks when necessary.  
  • Good housekeeping  
safety question and answers

Plus, the fellas chatted about first aid training and community safety related topics such as snakes, cheeky dogs and communication with coworkers. 

To help protect employees, 20-litre jerry cans for use in the case of fuel or chemical spills on a person were distributed.  

 Overall, the meeting was a successful one, as everyone left feeling more informed and aware of workplace safety. Thank you to all involved.

The Team Creates A Mobile Safety Stand

Check out this incredible mobile safety stand that the Nyirrunggulung-RISE and RISE Katherine teams created!

They wanted to make learning about Work Health & Safety engaging and practical, and we think they’ve succeeded!

The stand includes all the necessary equipment and information in one place and will be used as a prop for toolbox talks and answering WHS questions.