The Manyallaluk Team discover and restore local historical mining signs 

Lloyd Brown, a Traditional Owner of this area was proud to be involved in the discovery and restoration of local historical signs. The Manyallaluk Team found these signs during a clean-up of an old building in their community.

The signs give details of the geological history of the Manyallaluk Region as far back as 1943. They share what it was like to work and live in the mining camps. A tough life where workers had to live and work in extreme weather conditions.

The Nyirrunggulung-Rise Manyallaluk Team, with help from local people, want to build a shelter to display this piece of their history for all to enjoy.  

The fellas were so excited with their find and the signs has a special importance to them. Most of them are descendants of the mining workers.  

When the weather improves, we will be heading out on Country and visiting these mining sites to connect with this piece of history.