Seeding new Skills at Katherine Research Centre

This week our Beswick and Barunga Teams got to learn new skills as they got a chance to see what is involved in planting mango trees at Katherine Research Centre.

The staff and the fellas got involved in soil testing irrigation systems and ensured the information was correct for a tree to planted for a productive future.

This is a great start to the Nyirrunggulung Rise upcoming vegetable project working in partnership with Katherine Research Centre.

This project will give an opportunity to propagate and grow fruit and vegetables at the Paddock farm in which goods can be supplied to local schools.

Community members also plan to have to have a market at community events where fruit and vegetables can be sold at budget prices. There are also plans for seedings to be transported to al sites to encourage people to build their own productive gardens at home.

This is a great initiative and it is truly beneficial to the local community. We cannot wait to check in to see the progress on the mango trees at Katherine.