Reconciliation Week Celebrations in Community

The Nyirrunggulung-Rise team held two events to celebrate Reconciliation Week. The Barunga and Beswick ladies had lunch and went fishing at the Beswick Waterfall and for our other celebration the Roper Gulf Regional Council helped us celebrate at Manyallaluk.

The ladies from Barunga at the Waterfall at Beswick having lunch

Beswick and Barunga Celebrations

The Nyirrunggulung-Rise team took the Barunga ladies down to the Waterfall at Beswick.  The ladies had a beautiful day sitting down yarning and fishing.

We had a beautiful lunch of chicken, ham, prawns and salad.

It was lovely to spend time connecting and being with others to celebrate Reconciliation Week.

Manyallaluk Celebrations

We celebrated Reconciliation up at Manyallaluk. The ladies cooked up a Curry Chicken and Rice to celebrate. Roper Gulf Regional Council also joined us down at the water hole and provided a BBQ.

The Roper Gulf Regional Council team helping out with lunch – thanks so much fellas for your help

All the ladies, Nyirrunggulung-Rise team and the Roper Gulf Regional Council team had a very enjoyable day.